ALBUM “FUNK E.T.” E.T.s loves fun and salad

Denis Roger DENOCLA – 08/10/2020 – ©

E.T.s loves fun and salad



UO, invit your best E.T. friend for a UAMII dinner,

an prepare a lovely meal.

Love, fun and salad


IAS, put your heart in a bowl with a funny salad,

Add some grape seeds and sunflower seeds,

those are not the most difficult to eat for a UAMII GOOINUU,

but avoid tomatos for the E.T. people…

Love, fun and salad



IEN, Red oignions with a sweet dressing can

balance cry and pleasure for earthlings and E.T.s,

However, don’t forget to mix the whole stuff !

Love, fun and salad


All this will operate a true transformation on you.

Because live is a UAMII salad…

Love, fun and salad


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  1. Le message est en fait bénéfique aussi bien que véritablement inspirant.

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