Letter to an OEMMII friend

Denis Roger DENOCLA – 08/10/2020 – ©

Letter to an OEMMII friend


Dear friend,

This letter is yours, my trusted friend,

You the Ummoman who, so simply,

Left everything behind, so selflessly,

You the explorer, who wept so dearly,

The OMGEEYIE, the UUGEE and the UUYIE,

You who left the OEMMII UMMO EBAYAAO,

You who gave these UIW of your life to this crazy OYAGAA,

You who told us in the midst of strife that we are all brothers in the Cosmos,


Dear brother OEMMII from Ummo,

Before you return to your loved ones,

Let me lay my hand upon your chest.




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  1. Blog fantastique et aussi fantastique. Je veux vraiment remercier,
    pour nous offrir de meilleurs détails.

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