Like two OEMMII

Paroles DENOCLA – 08/10/2020 – ©

Arrangements pour le langage Oummain DENOCLA – 08/10/2020 – ©

Like two OEMMII


Like two OEMMII,

Your black eyes,

In my green eyes,

Tenderly and sensually entwined,

IEN together we change the world.


Like two OEMMII,

Your black hand,

In my white hand,

Breathe the same love,

IEN together we make children happy.


Like two OEMMII,

Your black body,

Against my white body,

We are extra-terrestrials OEMMII,

IEN together we teach a new civilization.


Like two OEMMII,

Do you give me the permission,

to love you ?

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